Yoga Series

Yoga for Bikers

Whether you are a road biker or a mountain biker, new to biking or a seasoned cyclist this series is everything you need to warm up before a ride. Improve your performance, gain strength, improve your flexibility, maintain posture and release tight shoulders and legs in this 6 class program specifically designed for cyclists. 

Nature Reconnect 7 Day Retreat

This 7-day virtual retreat is a way to disconnect in order to reconnect, to ground yourself, realign with your goals and to gain a new perspective. Come on a journey with us through lush forests, deserted beaches and mountain scapes on this specially designed complete program of yoga and meditation classes filmed in hand-picked beautiful outdoor locations. Find peace in nature, switch off from the chaos and take yourself on a virtual retreat with us. 

calming meditation

5 day Beginner Journey

Kick-start your yoga practice as we take it back to basics in this 5 day intro to yoga. We will work through poses to improve your balance, flexibility, strength and body awareness. You will learn how to move with your breath, bring awareness to your practice and discover the foundations to start your yoga practice.

Yoga For Snowboarding

This 3 day series is designed to improve your snowboarding and keep your body ready for the next shred day! We will work on your balance, strength, core, flexibility and body mobility to improve and maintain your riding. A regular yoga practice can help prevent injuries, improve your balance and body awareness for performing tricks and can also strengthen and tone your legs and core. 

Yoga for Surfers

This series specifically designed for surfers will improve your mental and physical performance in the water. These yoga classes will work on your strength in order to perform efficiently in the the surf as well as offering warm up and cool down stretches for before and after your session. Combining yoga poses with surfing specific movement we will flow through classes to help your stamina, strength, body mobility reaction and awareness.  

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