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Hello from Amy & Giulia and welcome to Earth Souls Yoga

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Our Mission

We are first and foremost outdoor lovers, and we created Earth Souls to share the beauty of the world, bring awareness to environmental issues and what we can do about it. Our #yogaforchange campaign is the backbone behind Earth Souls Yoga and it’s all about bringing together a community of like-minded people and creating a collective power for environmental change. We are more than just yoga. Earth Souls is about creating a community, reconnecting with nature and recognising that we are part of something bigger, that we are ultimately responsible for taking care of our planet. We donate 10% of your subscription to 2 amazing non-profit charities working towards creating a better future for people, animals and the place we all call home.  For more info on the amazing work that you are supporting check out the links below. 

By choosing to practice with us you will be part of a community of yogis, environmental advocates, outdoor lovers and people who truly want to make a difference. Through outdoor yoga and meditation classes, blogs, workshops, live events, interviews  and discussions…together we will create change. 

"Earth Souls is about creating a community reconnecting with nature and recognising that we are part of something bigger."

#Yogaforchange Campaign

Each month we organise international community events to bring awareness to environmental issues, but even more importantly we invite you to join us and do something about it! These include international beach clean ups, live interviews with environmental advocates and professionals, eco blogs, challenges and advice on how you can start living more sustainably and join the movement towards a green future. 

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Your unique Yoga Experience

We are committed to creating a unique yoga experience to meet your goals. Whether you are brand new to yoga or looking to take your practice to the next level we have classes for everyone. Each week 2 new classes are added as well as live workshops and events to further your yoga knowledge. Each class is created with love by us and tailored to meet your specific goals. We love to hear from you and we strive to provide you with a yoga experience like no other. 

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“I’m Giulia, I’m from the north of Italy and I’ve been a yoga teacher since 2017 and I’ve spent the last few years travelling, teaching yoga, surfing and snowboarding. I’m a passionate surfer and snowboard instructor living between the mountains and the beach, flowing with the seasons and finding my way to help people and the planet in the best way I can. I met Amy while I was in France teaching snowboarding and we created Earth Souls to bring you a way to do something good for yourself and the planet. Currently, I am in Morroco and I truly believe in living a life in sync with nature, doing what you can to leave a positive footprint and finding happiness in the small joys of a simple life.” 

“I’m Amy, I’m from the north of England and have been living in the French Alps for over 5 years now. As a keen climber and snowboarder being in the mountains is where I feel I most belong. I’ve been teaching vinyasa and aerial yoga for the past few years now designing classes specifically for the sports I love. I have seen over the small time that I have been here that the seasons are getting shorter, snow is melting quicker and the planet is truly suffering from the sheer amount of people coming to enjoy the mountain. Through Earth Souls I strive to educate and find a way that we can live sustainable lives while enjoying the beauty of the world around us. Yoga can take us on an internal journey, but an external one too that can show us so much more than ourselves. I’m here to show you the wonder around us and together find a way to feel good and do good.”

Proudly Supporting

The money is going to support a beluga whale sanctuary in Iceland created by SEA LIFE Trust in partnership with Whale and Dolphin Conservation. A natural ocean bay home created for two beluga whales, Little White and Little Grey who were previously held in captivity at a facility in China.

Part of your subscription will also go to Inspire’s Refresh From Trash Project. They clean our planet, re-educate and inspire a zero waste culture in as many schools as possible to start creating a plastic-free planet!

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WDC Leading Global Charity Protecting Whales and Dolphins


Inspire Eco Participation Zero waste & Ocean Clean Up


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One Tree At A Time planting trees, changing habits & protecting mountain environments

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