There are an abundance of mats in the yoga market right now, but have you ever thought about an eco mat? A mat made of upcycled plastics not only looks good and feels good, but it also does good as it helps clean our oceans, plant trees and help fight climate change . As yogis who love life outdoors our everyday purchase choices make a massive difference and this mat from ZenTribe makes the choice easy! We absolutely love this mat and we know you will too!

Made from upcycled ocean plastic and surplus cork granules

These mats are 100% eco friendly and come from an amazing company to support, whose sole intention is to help the environment. The founder Kylie is a keen yogi and surfer and when she started witnessing first-hand all the plastic pollution in our oceans she wanted to do something about it. ZenTribe was born through her love for the environment and everything she does is to create a better and cleaner planet for us all.

"ZenTribe combines recycled materials and sustainable practices to create a yoga mat as unique as you are!"


"Cork is biodegradable, recyclable and renewable"

ZenTribe uses surplus cork granules in their mats supporting cork harvesting communities in Portugal. They work closely with the families that harvest cork trees alive meaning they can continue to grow and absorb 5 times more carbon from the air. Cork is biodegradable, recyclable and renewable. It is also naturally anti-bacterial and non-slip. By combining cork with upcycled plastics this mat is helping prevent 8 million tons of plastic going into landfill or polluting the ocean. If that wasn’t enough they are also vegan approved, they plant a tree for every purchase and only use biodegradable packaging.
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