Plastic-Free Razors: A Better Way to Shave

The most stylish, luxury razor for silky smooth legs and a plastic-free planet. Be part of the movement towards a plastic-free future. Small changes in your every day purchases can make a big difference to the planet, and a really easy switch is plastic-free razors.

Aphrodite razors are committed to providing women with a solution to do their bit for the environment. Bathrooms are an absolute hub for hiding plastic and it’s often really hard to find plastic-free beauty alternatives. That’s why Aphrodite Razors are so awesome! They are the first 100% plastic-free razor subscription service for women. The razors are made out of metal with stainless steel replaceable blades that come wrapped in recyclable craft paper, so the great news is, that absolutely no plastic is used in the manufacturing or delivery process!

“Our sustainable razors are elegantly designed to make shaving better for your skin and the planet.”
They send you 5 blades a month for only £5.50 with free UK delivery, which is a beauty bargain, or you can also buy a one time purchase razor in either silver or rose gold for £29.90. With a flexible subscription program you can also choose how often you need new blades so that nothing is wasted.
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