American Road Trip- Week 5

We left Minnesota early one morning to make the 10-hour drive from my parents’ house to Indianapolis, we drive on big highways past Chicago and through lots of open farmland. When we were about an hour outside of Indianapolis, we stopped at a small gas station to fill up and it just happened to be on a small local dairy farm, where they had fresh ice cream and homemade sandwiches. We grabbed a delicious ice cream cone and hit the road for the final stretch. 

We were only in Indiana for about 5 days and we spent the whole week parked on a friends driveway. Thank goodness we had a friend because temperatures were in there high 80’s (F) and it was really humid so we stayed in their house most oft he time. They cooked us homemade pizza, fresh bread and their personally- brewed cider. It felt like we were staying in a Bed & Breakfast!

The whole reason we stopped in Indiana was to go to a friend’s wedding. The wedding was outside at a vineyard, which was gorgeous! We hadn’t seen he bride in over 5 years so it was nice to catch up, celebrate and dance all night!

Indiana is home t one of the most recent national parks in the USA, Indiana Dunes. It was established as a national park in February 2019 and consists of 15 miles of lake shore, biking trails, hiking, and great bird watching. It is on one of the 5 great lakes in the US- Lake Michigan so most people go to relax on the beach, play in the water or watch a nice sunset. We didn’t stop there on this trip, but we visited last winter and were able to walk the beach and enjoy a nice sunset. 

It was a quick trip in Indiana before finishing our road trip out East! 

Join me in this weeks yoga class in a beautiful nature reserve for an energising flow designed to wake you up and feel good! 

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