American Road Trip Week 4

There’s one straight road across North Dakota to get to Minnesota and it’s all flat farmland! We drove 8 hours through big open fields. 

On our way to my parents’ house, we stopped at my college so I could show Chris around. It felt so weird being back after almost 10 years! St. John’s University has a lake, an arboretum and a big beautiful church right on campus. The church has such a unique honeycomb structure, very different from anything I’ve ever seen! We stopped at my favourite local coffee shop, strolled through the gardens and walked by my old dorm rooms. It was a really nice stop. 

We spent the week at my parents’ house on the lake. We had lots of family and friends come to hang out which was really nice, seen as I’m not home often and hardly get to see them. I stole my brother’s dog, Kona, and brought her up to the lake with me for the week. I helped raise her the she was a puppy and I’m so happy I got to spend a whole week with her! She’s a really sweet (and spoilt) pitbull and she LOVES being at the lake!

We went fishing, paddle boarding, made s’mores and played lots of fun games. It was nice to disconnect from our phones for the week and spend quality time with family. It rained almost every day (much needed) and, if it wasn’t raining, every morning was foggy and cool. A nice change from the extremely hot weather we’ve had over the past few months. 

Minnesota is called the ‘Land of 10,000 lakes’ because it has more lakes than any other state in the U.S. There are almost 12,000 lakes in Minnesota that are 10 acres or bigger- so much water! We didn’t make it there on this trip but Northern Minnesota is absolutely beautiful. There’s over 1 million acres of protected land in the boundary waters wilderness where people go hiking, canoeing and camping. My family used to go up there every year when I was a kid and it’s definitely a hidden gem of Minnesota. As always, it was a short trip home with family before we left to head towards our next adventure! See you in Indiana! 

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