American Road Trip Week 3

Welcome to week 3! This week, we drove from Spearfish, SD Devils Tower, WY through Montana Theodore Roosevelt National Park ND. That means we were in 4 different states as we rove to North Dakota! Here are the highlights from out road trip this week.


Devils Tower

On our way to North Dakota, we took a pit stop at Devil’s Tower in Wyoming. It was only an hour West of where we stayed in South Dakota and we had been talking about going for a while, so we figured, why not?!


Devils Tower is a butte that is over 1200ft tall in the middle of the vast prairie. The Sioux legend says the butte was formed because 2 boys got lost and, as they we’re trying to find their way home, they noticed a giant bear was following them. They ran as fast and as far as they could but still couldn’t escape the bear. As a last-ditch effort, they prayed to their Great Spirit and suddenly, the4 ground started shaking and lifted them high into the air. The giant bear kept trying to reach them and clawed at the butte, which is how to long cracks were formed.



The cracks in Devil’s Tower make it a great location for rock climbing. There are thousands of rock climber that visit each year to climb one of the 200 routes. 

Drive through Montana 

Our drive through Montana was WILD. To go from Devils Tower to Theodore Roosevelt National Park, you drive straight up through the East side of Montanan where there’s nothing but rolling hills and fields. We got a late start since we stopped at Devils Tower after work, so it was starting to get drakes we entered Montana. 

Montana had the MOST deer I’ve ever seen in my whole life! Chris and I looked at each other at one point and said, ‘should we really be driving right now?’ because deer were lining the side of the road. A minute after we contemplated stopping for the night, we hit a deer…Luckily, it didn’t do much damage and, after speaking tot he Sheriff, we were able to keep driving to the nearest town to sleep. Although the nearest town was still an hour away!


We woke up early to finish our drive to Theodore Roosevelt National Park and the drive was nothing but wide open fields – you could literally see for miles.

Theodore Roosevelt NP

Our last stop on our journey was Theodore Roosevelt National Park. The park has 2 separate units – the north unit and the south unit- and we stayed in the South. We did the 28 miles scenic drive and saw lots of wildlife. More prairie dogs, bison and even a couple of wild horses! 

We drove right through the middle of a massive herd of bison. They were walking across the road and resting on the side of the road only a few feet away from us. I was nervous they were going to run into us as we drive past it was really cool. 

Overall, it was a great trip up to North Dakota and I highly recommend a visit if you get the chance. 

north dakota yoga

Check out my yoga class in the wide open fields of North Dakota to keep following our journey and see where we have been and what we got up to. 

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