American Road Trip Week 1

Rocky Mountain National Park

Rocky Mountain National Park is UNREAL! It is hands down one of my favourite national parks.

We started our journey just West of Denver in Morrison, CO. We went to a concert at Red Rocks the night before we entered Rocky Mountain National Park  and if you haven’t been to Red Rocks, you need to go! It’s such a cool outdoor concert venue surrounded by- you guessed it- red rocks and you have as view overlooking Denver. 

We didn’t quite think it through because the national park is about 2 hours from the concert venue and our entry time into the park was 5am-7am (more on timed entry below). Sooo we drove after the concert until 2:30am and then woke up at 5:30 to get into the park and get the parking spot! We went back to sleep at the trailhead for a few hours – much needed before our hike…thats one great part about having your entire home with you!

Currently, a lot of the busy national parks in the US are doing a timed entry. What that means is that you need to sign up for a time to enter the park OR get to the park before 5:30am to help spread out and limit the number of people entering the park. A lot of the trailheads fill up early, and since we are in a giant vehicle, we try to get there super early to make sure we find a place to park. 

After our nap, we woke up and went on a 10 mile hike through 6 alpine lakes. It was one of our favorite hikes we have ever done! The hike had EVERYTHING- views of the forest, lakes, trees, mountains and waterfalls. We were constantly stopping for photos and to take in the views!

After hiking we left to find a place to hang out for the evening. Campsites in the nations park fill up pretty quickly and we didn’t plan ahead very well so we didn’t have a campsite for the weekend. It was totally;y fine because Estes Park (the town right outside) is a cute little town and we found as space outside of a hotel to sleep- our go-to parking spot.

On Sunday, we did a 6 mile hike to the peak of Deer Mountain. At the top of the mountain we had great views of the park and there were lots of little chipmunks trying o steal our snacks! 


Before leaving the park we did part of a scenic drive to take in more of the mountain views and to spot some wildlife. It was an incredible weekend and we’re so excited to continue our journey to the East Coast! 

For more about my trip and a lush yoga class in the beautiful Colorado mountains click the link below. 

colorado yoga

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  1. Donna Michelle Beaudoin

    I enjoyed this yoga class in the Rocky mountains. Very relaxing and at a good meditative and pranyama pace. I normally do 1 to 1-1/2 hours then meditation for 30 minutes at 3 AM daily for my 44 year practice ( I am not a teacher of yoga, but a yogi at age 55 who lives, loves, and breathes yoga). Thank you for a rewarding practice and travel views. Namaste 🙏😊

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