5 Ways to Release your Lower Back

Lower back pain is one of the most common issues nowadays. Mostly due to spine compression as a consequence of the many hours spent sitting at desks. A regular practice of asanas can definitely help with relaxing those muscles where you feel uncomfortable tension.

This is why today we will offer to you a list of simple yoga poses specifically aimed to alleviate your lower back ache:

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From all fours slightly open your knees to the side, extend your arms in front of you and place your forehead on the mat. Use your exhalation to let go of any tension in your body.

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2. Cat and Cow

Start form from all fours. Inhale while arching your spine, bring your gaze to the sky and rotate your shoulders back and down. With exhalation round your back push the ground away from you and look in between your knees. Imagine as if you were breathing from your spine. Head to tailbone for inhales, tail to head for exhales.

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3. Downward dog

Start from all fours and align hands with shoulders and knees with hips, spread your fingers and tuck your toes under. Inhale move your body backwards, hips to heels then exhale to extend your legs. Internally rotate your elbows, suck your belly button in. Take 5 breaths.

4. Pigeon pose

From downward dog, inhale to lift up your right leg, exhale and bring your right knee to your right wrist. Drop the knee down along with the hips. Try to keep your hips in line. Look behind and check your back leg is straight and in the centre of your mat. Use your hands to stay upright pushing your left hip down and take a big inhale to stretch your spine. You can stay here or to advance the pose exhale and slowly fold forward onto your forearms or forehead. You can support your torso with a pillow if needed or place a block under your hip for added support. Breathe deeply here and avoid holding tension in your hips or upper body. Repeat for the opposite side.

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5. Twisting postures

Start sitting on your mat with your right leg extended. Bend your left leg and bring your left foot over your right knee. Inhale to reach the right arm up to the sky and as you exhale bring your right elbow to the outside of your knee. Push into the knee and find a twist. Your left hand is behind you, close to your back to keep your spine straight. For each inhale press on your left arm to extend your spine. For each exhale go deeper in your twist if your body needs a deeper stretch!

The most important is that your listen to your body. When there is a constriction your muscles are anything but flexible. Accept your body as it is and start to slowly breathe into it. Consciously inhale oxygen and patiently release tension.

If you feel like you want more of this beneficial practice you can watch the last class we have uploaded specifically designed for beginners with plenty of moves aimed to relax your lower back.

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