10 Plastic Product Swaps for your Next Shop…

Living a zero waste life isn’t as hard as you think! There are lots of small changes that you can make today to help do your bit for the environment and maybe even cut out plastic all together Check out our 10 tips to live zero waste!

  1. Avoid plastic wrap in the super market, by buying loose fruit and veg and consciously choosing things in glass and tin rather than plastic can make a huge difference to your plastic consumption and get a few cotton or jute vegetable bags to hold loose fruit and veg.

2. Switch to shampoo and conditioner bars, many are skeptical but I honestly love mine and will never go back to plastic bottles! These ones create a really good lather and last for ages! I recommend www.thenaturalspa.co.uk

Plastic free shampoo and conditioner bar from The Natural Spa

3. Get a bamboo toothbrush, it biodegrades and is naturally anti-microbial! You can find them in most supermarkets now.

4. Switch to a plastic-free razor, with metal blades they give a cleaner and more environmentally friendly shave. You can also get a really affordable blade subscription so you never need to worry about hairy legs again! Check out https://aphroditerazors.com or read more about them on our blog.

Plastic free razor from Aphrodite Razors

5. Use a re-useable dishwashing sponge, there’s so many on the market now, you can even find them made out of bamboo fibers and coconut shells! In the supermarket most will also biodegrade, just check the packaging and avoid ones with the green sub part. You can find lots of kitchen swaps at www.ethicalbee.co.uk

6. Switch to a dishwashing bar instead of using washing up liquid. Check out www.earthvibration.co.uk

7. Use Beeswax wraps to preserve food instead of cling film, or even aluminum foil is better than plastic wrap!

Beeswax Wraps from Another Way

8. Always remember your reusable coffee cup and water bottle when you are out and about!

9. Say no to plastic straws! Simple!

10. For a full comprehensive guide on how to live zero waste and more zero waste tips check out https://inspire-ecoparticipation.com/en/zero-waste-guide/

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