American Road Trip- Week 5

We left Minnesota early one morning to make the 10-hour drive from my parents’ house to Indianapolis, we drive on big highways past Chicago and through lots of open farmland.

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American Road Trip Week 4

There’s one straight road across North Dakota to get to Minnesota and it’s all flat farmland! We drove 8 hours through big open fields.  On our way to my parents’

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American Road Trip Week 3

Welcome to week 3! This week, we drove from Spearfish, SD Devils Tower, WY through Montana Theodore Roosevelt National Park ND. That means we were in 4 different states as

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American Road Trip Week 1

Rocky Mountain National Park Rocky Mountain National Park is UNREAL! It is hands down one of my favourite national parks. We started our journey just West of Denver in Morrison,

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DIY Beauty Recipes with IVY

I have to say I absolutely love making my own beauty products not only are they chemical free and great for your skin, but also great for the environment too

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eathsoul yoga

What is mindfulness….?

This is a pretty big question with a very simple answer. Mindfulness is simply being in the present moment by fully focusing on what you are doing and feeling right

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